O! typographic posters

I have always marvelled and taken delight at all the various letter forms contained in my font library. I’ve been playing with the idea of visualising the diversity of the library and see what kind of effect could be achieved, and what sort of image would appear. Of course this isn’t something new—similar things have been done before. But I wanted to concentrate on the letter ‘o’ as the graphic element, in part because it is contained in my name, and also because it was once the logotype for my design studio. Its circular shape seems to express completeness, which is something we all try to achieve in our design work. This images was all created using the letter ‘o’ from various fonts in my font library. Each poster contains the ‘o’s of each font with the names starting with a, b, c, etc. I used random weights as they appear first on selecting a particular font in InDesign, and pasted the text-holder boxes all aligned with the top left corner of the boxes. The placement of the letter themselves was dictated by the font itself and the way it has been designed. The result is a somewhat visually random pattern of superimposed ‘o’s, at 5% tint of black and a ‘multiply’ effect added to each layer.

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